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                                        WANNA PLAY? (ON HOLD)

After having watched quite a few short films I find that many of them have one thing in common, they are long drawn-out. But shouldn`t short films have some kind of pace? Probably it`s just a subconscious feeling, but whenever I start to watch one I`m getting much more impatient than watching a feature length film. If the atmosphere is right the feature film doesn`t need to have any pace at all, but when I watch a short film I somehow want to be captivated from the first minute.

With my first real short film I`m hoping to reach this result, which is just my personal aim as I generally miss it in many shorts. It probably will last a while until it`s finished, but why shouldn`t you accompany me on the way to there? 

Ready? Then let`s take off ...


Brad Burke, a ex-Poker professional went through an ugly divorce in which he almost lost all of his assets. Looking for a way to come clean with his bank account nothing is too worthless to be sold online. But what, if this item turns out to be America`s most wanted? Attracting not only the greedy ex-wife and her new affair, a cop, but also a well below average successful private investigator? Is Burke able to move on, getting over his affection for his former wife and true love, Texas Hold `em?

So, what can you expect? Frankly speaking, I don`t know, but I can tell you what you won`t find inside: a chainsaw, a helpless group of innocent college students, ...a guilty group of college students, an old farm house color-matching their blood soaked clothes and no table dancers...
The last one only because of the limited budget.

As I mentioned before the whole process of making this short film will still last a while. Momentarily we are in the shooting phase. And by "we" I mean 6 people altogether, 5 friends/ workmates who volunteered as actors and Each of us has to pursue a regular job, therefore it`s not easy sometimes to get together ...and sometimes I have to take out a whip or blackmail them with photos of their most private moments, like walking the dog, watching TV, reading a book ... you get an idea.

But there`s one thing they take very serious, no one wants to use a stunt-double. Each of them insisted on doing her/ his own stunt-work and this I appreciate very much. I mean, ...that we can`t afford table dancers doesn`t necessarily mean we couldn`t afford professionally trained stunt-people...




During the process of filming I made (and intend to make) a few pictures which illustrate a mix of concept art and reworked footage of the production. (Yep, I ...noticed that the Apache is way too small in one image, but otherwise all vehicles wouldn`t have fit into the frame ...ahem... and I like the overall atmosphere, by the way.)

I will keep you posted about any development, newly crafted concept images or possible breakthroughs. Check out the news section for updates. 

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