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                                             KAI NIEDErmeier

Unlike me, my brother belongs to the kind of people who knew exactly what they want to do in life, directly after school. And this hasn`t only given him a head start (grrrrrr), but also enabled him to evolve in the art of playing saxophone.

This journey took him from lessons with John Ruocco and Eric Marienthal (among others), master classes led by Michael Brecker, James Moody and David Liebman, to
collaborations with international renown artits like Nippy Noya, Peter O`Mara and Kenny Wheeler.

On the way to where he is now Kai performed on several albums, also on his latest own CD release "Funk Alert", of course. He has been seen on stages in Germany, as well as The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, England, Russia and South Korea as part of the saxophone quintett "Quintessence" which he joined in 2006.

With "Quintessence" (featuring Sven Hoffmann, Uli Lettermann, Anatole Gomersall and Andreas Menzel) he entered the world of classical music, which required quite an adjustment for a Jazz musician.

Meanwhile Kai is working on a new album, including top-class musicians ... more I`m not allowed to reveal, after all he`s much taller than me.

But I`m thrilled about what he will come up next with.

(Photos by Dalia Ferreirinha Da Silva)