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                                                           Welcome everyone...

 online appearance. As you can see a few parts of my site are still "under construction", but I hope that I can fill the gaps by and by. It lasted a century for me to show up here, therefore I won`t get into a rush now. But, if you are interested I would like to invite you to take a closer look at the projects I`m fiddling with.

My journey so far has taken me from personal videos I made to entertain a certain fan base (me included) gathered around a particular video game, to official game trailers. I also try to put my hands on regular short-films, if time allows it.

You can find everything I created here on my site, enabling you to follow me from the beginning to wherever the road might lead...

In the meantime you can enjoy your time, not necessarily here, yet I would be glad, if you stay a while and even happier, if you can find something interesting to make it worth your while.

Oh, I almost forgot, if there`s music on a page you will find the music player at the bottom of it, in case you want to switch it off or turn the volume down.

So, all the best to you and regards,

Michèl Niedermeier