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                 HOME FREE (ACTION SHORT FILM)

A female agent which has been abducted by the United Tango Association is about to be rescued by a team of special forces...

The question is does she need help at all?

That`s the topic of our little action short film which we shot in April 2013, but, unfortunately it lasted until August of 2015 for me to finish it (no, I didn`t stay on the couch most of the time watching TV, that is simply not true).

Our film doesn`t take itself very serious and delivers some shoot-out scenes in the best spirit of action films of the 90`s (1000 bullets = 0 hits).

So, if this is something which could entertain you, I want to invite you to have a look...

Special thanks to Marc Le Roux and the Event Team of Bonn Air e.V., and Thomas Lux of FX Veranstaltungstechnik.

Music by Mark Petrie, Felipe Adorno Vassao and Chris Hodges.


                         PRE-RELEASE IMAGES


Originally I had a different film in mind, but I couldn`t find a proper location for that one. My search literally lasted until it was either doing something or cancel everything altogether.

I rented the equipment, people kept these days free so I really wanted to shoot something (no pun intended). So, our film came up as a last minute solution... somehow.

Work on this short film turned out to be a little grindier than I thought. Due to the little preparation time (I could visit the location only once before shooting) I was happy to wrap up the necessary scenes at all, and during filming I wasn`t 100% sure about what effect I will implement and where.

These basement rooms we had available where mostly not equipped with any lights, so our lighting was more like "let there be a little light" than "let the light look good". The result was very grainy footage, especially during the slow-motion shots, which made match-moving in post-production very difficult.

The heaviest burden, however, was rotoscoping. Almost each shot contained at least a little rotoscoping.

I got a very nice taste of it early on in the film when the team is getting down the stairs and walking in front of a loading dock. That ramp was used later in the film by the tango with the shotgun and shouldn`t appear in the film at this point in time, so I had to put in a different facade.
But, since the team is moving and gathering in front of it, I had to rotoscope large portions of them. And man, did they carry a lot of pouches and equipment...

Six roto weeks later (sigh) it looked like what I had in mind...

Original footage

Character Mattes

Final composition

Since we didn`t use any practical special effects and the airsoft guns didn`t eject shell casings or had a blow-back all that had to be brought in by hand.

For this I used a mix of stock footage and material I created within Cinema 4D, like the broken geometry for bursting tiles and a fluid simulation for the smoke effects.

      Original footage

Final composition

Original Footage

Final composition

Many things appeared to be minor to work on in post-production, but then turned out to be real time consuming.

Like when Lena (our agent) is running up that hill and reaches the top. That was our very first shot ...and I forgot to attach the pistol to her back, so I had to manually fix this in post, by filming the pistol in front of a green-screen and try to match the movement of the gun to her movement in the film. (sigh)

But I think in the end all the time invested was worth it, since we only had very little preparation time, basically just three rooms with tiles ...and a weekend.

I hope you like the final result as well and the 8,5 minutes can entertain you.