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To find love can be painful, but also relieving...

Our contribution to this years 99Fire-Films Award. The topic was "The most touching story is written by life itself" and had to include the internet.
We were assuming that this topic will bring up hundreds of short films dealing with death, weddings and ...yeah, probably new borns, so we didn`t cover any of those. You might have expected that from us...

The language of the film is german, however you can access english subtitles or a transcript with help of the appropriate buttons below the youtube player window.

This time we have included many more locations than in our last years film. My initial idea has been that the main character (Lena) is a sole survivor and wandering around looking for an internet connection to get in contact with her love. She is roaming the whole world to "get a connection" and the scene in which she is trying to catch a fish at the Koi pond should actually look like Japan in the background. But with only 99 hours time to finish it I couldn`t implement such nice finishing touches anymore. That was really a pity, but the deadline proved to be too tight. So this and all other additional post-apokalyptic features had to be left out.

In the end I wasn`t even missing those elements, because I think they were not too important for the story and just meant to emphasize the overall atmosphere of being lonely.

We would be happy, if you like the short film.

...and you might want to give your relationship a second thought...