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                                   (PC/ MAC)

The official trailers for the video game "Buzz Aldrin`s Space Program Manager". In this game you are able to found your own space agency and develop space exploration technologies following their true historical counterparts. The game has been developed by "Polar Motion" and "Double Think Studios", published by "Slitherine Ltd." (click on the logo below to be directed to the site).

The main trailer had its premiere at Historicon in Fredericksburg, Virginia (USA), where the game was introduced to the media.

The second one was meant for the STEAM launch and as an introduction of the newly implemented, competitive game-mode "Road to the moon" in which you can lead either NASA or the Soviet Space Agency in the race for the first moon landing.

If you are interested about the game itself and/ or Buzz Aldrin`s involvement in its creation, I suggest you head over to the Slitherine forum here.