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                    AMERICA`S MOST WANTED?


While working on "Wanna Play?" and the still nameless WW2 stop-motion film I discovered the world of 3-D applications, in my case Cinema 4D. With the wish of animating something the idea was born of putting that together in a video, including the side effect of a little promotion for this website.

But, since I always have to follow the "learning by doing" way the making of it lasted much longer than I had in mind. However, I thought that learning a new software with examples or samples you can actually use afterwards makes more sense than just following dry tutorials in which you create things which don`t have a purpose in your project.

Now, after finishing this video I`m still a beginner, but everything I learned I have put to use already. Probably the result might not be very convincing, yet this way seems more satisfying for oneself than learning something and having no clue when you will ever going to need it

During the making I realized that I have reached the limits of my available hardware, resulting in endless hardware and software crashes. But, though the experience might be tough, if a "out of memory error" corrupts your save file it`s also a lesson learned afterwards: Don`t crowd your 3-D scene with unlimited hi-poly objects...

I didn`t do that, ... of course... I only heard someone talking to his friend in the subway, who learned it from his sister`s father...

Anyway, if you are in the mood of watching the result of this journey I invite you to take a look here (to stay on this site don`t follow the link at the end of the video, but look for Part 2 further down below) :

                             SOME STAGES IN THE MAKING
                                                Lin and the Audi R8


Shooting the background plate,
and Lin as the foreground element.

Creating the car setup, deformation, smoke and debris in
Cinema 4D.

Various tests with different car colors, shaders and shadow density. Addition of some background elements.

Addition of the background letters.


Rotoscoping Lin in Mocha for After Effects.

The final image including all elements, color correction and slight diffusion added.

                                      Timo and the industrial compound

The background plate.


Timo in action, climbing the height
of his life.

Addition of the industrial compound and other background features.

Placing the Blackhawk helicopter and Timo in the foreground. Trying out, if the recorded footage with Timo fits to the animation.

The final composition with Timo inside the helicopter, various explosions and color correction added.